About Us

About Us

Art and Pixels

Art and Pixels is the best Service provider of Wedding Photography, Photography, Videography Services, Wedding Videography, and Events Photography in Guwahati Assam India. ffer back-to-back, high-end customized, professional photography and videography services to help you capture the special moments for happy viewings. Be it still images or be it an entire film, we ensure the highest standards in production and post-production stages of the entire process. Our aim is to provide you with an exciting and beautiful collection of your wedding day, that you will both treasure and enjoy for many years to come. We will use our skill, flair and considerable experience to design an album that you will not only be thrilled with but will be the envy of all your friends.

We are the best Service provider of Photography, Videography, Fashion Photography, Wedding Photography, Wedding 

We ensure advanced and exciting Photography Service for all special occasions and events. Through our Product Photography we help your business to showcase your services most attractively. The Owner of Art and Pixels is Gunajit Kashyap. We hold the crew of skilled and knowledgeable photographs highly perfect in providing Photography services as per necessities. Linkers have arrangements for wedding photographers to best suit your budget and requirements for your and more.. With our understanding of colours and space, we work on images and photographs that look beautiful, that fit in with design as a whole and align with brands and ideas perfectly


Art and Pixels is the best Service provider of Wedding Videography and Events Videography in Guwahati Assam India.